Special Education – Addicott Music Therapy

Addicott School hits a high note!

Addicott Elementary School is dedicated to educating students with physical and cognitive disabilities, and medical needs while providing a safe and caring environment. 

Music therapy is a highlight each week for students who are the district’s most medically fragile children. For the past three years, staff has been using music therapy to nurture physical, cognitive, emotional, and developmental growth in students. Addicott students receive 30 minutes a week of music therapy in their classrooms designed to align, in a fun way, with each student’s educational goals and needs.

Our Impact:

“Sessions are interactive, and no musical skill or training is needed to learn, succeed, and grow. And it is a lot of fun!” – Robyn Scroggins, Addicott Principal.

Music Garden

Addicott is the first school in the district to have a music garden “planted” with six oversized instruments, such as xylophones. The instruments are the right height for students in wheelchairs to play while enjoying the garden environment. 

The music garden and music therapy has had a positive impact on student participation and engagement. The staff enjoy the smiles on their students’ faces when they know it is time for music.

Hit a high note!

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