Matthew Grundy, Director

Recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and passion for building organizations, Grundy has expertise in organizational development, real estate, finance, and capacity building. Most importantly, he has a genuine love for people. Before coming to Fresno’s City Hall, Matthew was Habitat for Humanity Greater Fresno Area’s CEO, a position he held since 2015. He helped the organization improve housing conditions for twenty-eight times the number of families it had served on an annual basis prior to his arrival. Nationally, Matthew has helped lead strategic visioning for 1,200 Habitat operations across the US. Prior to his work at Habitat, he worked as an organizational consultant, developer, and President of a national supplemental educational services company that focused on turning around failing public schools. His work helped improve K-12 academic outcomes for 250,000 low-income students within 1,000 schools, across sixteen states.