Misty Her, Vice Chairman

Misty Her was appointed Deputy Superintendent of the Fresno Unified School District in March 2021. Stepping into this role has allowed her to continue to improve student progress, build and develop employee relations, and expand community partnerships on a deeper level. Misty has been a part of Fresno Unified for her entire career, starting as a preschool aide and teacher in grades second through sixth. She became the first Hmong Vice Principal in Fresno Unified School District, and two years later became the very first Hmong woman principal in the United States. She has also served as an Instructional Superintendent with School Leadership.

Misty believes her calling is to lead educational missionary work to change the lives of children and their families in a positive way. She knows the decisions she makes have a direct impact in changing the trajectory of minds and inspiring hope. Misty believes the greatest gift we can offer someone is the opportunity to see their full potential. It is incredibly powerful to invest in and inspire HOPE in our youth.