DeWolf Continuation School

DeWolf Continuation School

Excelling in rigorous curriculum.

Individual student data system that informs students, staff, and families.

Individual Learning Plan for each student.

Instructional strategies differentiated to meet the needs of each student.

Leadership in school management.

Student engagement.

Student socio-emotional support.

DeWolf is a specialty school in Fresno Unified School District. The mission of DeWolf is to create an alternative setting that provides academic rigor, school connectedness, and expansion of career awareness leading to college and career graduates who are productive members of society.

DeWolf High School has been recognized as a 2023 Model Continuation School by the California Department of Education. The school met 16 out of 17 exemplary components. Here are a few areas of excellence:

DeWolf provides a robust mentoring and coaching program for students through a partnership with the Fresno County Office of Education Street Saints organization. Street Saints provide support to students through goal setting and reflection which includes a Young Women’s Empowerment group and a Men of Excellence group.

Our Impact:

Students at DeWolf are able to access dual enrollment classes at Fresno City College. In the past, approximately 5 students tackled the Advance to College course. This year, 20 students enrolled and had a 100% passage rate for semester 1. There are currently, 54 students enrolled at Fresno City College for the Fall 2023 semester.

Student voice is a critical component of the success of DeWolf students. Students are surveyed often to determine their interest in various experiences. The site leadership then makes it happen!

For example:

DeWolf is very intentional about celebrating seniors and providing social experiences that encourage daily attendance and school pride. Events such as Senior Sunrise, Senior Movie Night, Free Cap and Gown, and a fully funded Grad Nite at Universal Studios for any senior that graduates with their class.

As of March 2023, 28 students have graduated with another ten on track to graduate in the next few weeks.

The minimum state requirement for continuation schools is 68%. The driving force between this significant increase in student graduation rate is the addition of fifty additional days to the school year!

Investing in our Future

DeWolf has been working diligently to provide a variety of Career Technical Education (CTE) internships, Industry Certifications and Work-Based Learning. Students were able to work at Oldcastle Infrastructure in Madera for 10 days over winter break. The program was run by industry professionals and was designed to teach students how to weld. Future experiences will be provided this summer. 

To date, DeWolf students have earned 201 industry certifications, including OSHA 10, OSHA 30, Stop the Bleed, and Solar Installation through Grid Alternatives. With a student population of only 174, students have proven that they are interested and excited about receiving CTE certifications.

Our Students’ success has an impact on our city!

A continued focus on graduation, college enrollment, and CTE certifications benefits our community. The city of Fresno succeeds when DeWolf students succeed!

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Special Education – Addicott Music Therapy

Special Education – Addicott Music Therapy

Addicott School hits a high note!

Addicott Elementary School is dedicated to educating students with physical and cognitive disabilities, and medical needs while providing a safe and caring environment. 

Music therapy is a highlight each week for students who are the district’s most medically fragile children. For the past three years, staff has been using music therapy to nurture physical, cognitive, emotional, and developmental growth in students. Addicott students receive 30 minutes a week of music therapy in their classrooms designed to align, in a fun way, with each student’s educational goals and needs.

Our Impact:

“Sessions are interactive, and no musical skill or training is needed to learn, succeed, and grow. And it is a lot of fun!” – Robyn Scroggins, Addicott Principal.

Music Garden

Addicott is the first school in the district to have a music garden “planted” with six oversized instruments, such as xylophones. The instruments are the right height for students in wheelchairs to play while enjoying the garden environment. 

The music garden and music therapy has had a positive impact on student participation and engagement. The staff enjoy the smiles on their students’ faces when they know it is time for music.

Hit a high note!

African American Literacy Program (A4)

African American Literacy Program (A4)

Helping Students, Engaging Families

“What I enjoyed most about springboard’s summer session is getting to read and learn alongside my family”
– Alyssa L., 4th grade FUSD student

​​In September 2017, Fresno Unified School District launched the Office of African American Academic Acceleration (A4) to identify and address the fundamental causes for the discrepancy in academic outcomes between African American students and other demographic groups.

The A4 program has served over 2,000 African American students in our reading programs since the program began. Every reading program has a family engagement component and has a 90% average participation rate. Over 85% of our students identify as either African American or African American Multiracial.

Our Impact and Accomplishments:

The elementary reading programs strengthen students’ reading skills and equip families to be effective reading coaches for their children at home.

During the 2021-2022 school year, the A4 Reading Programs served over 650 students in K-5th grades.

Proficiency increased by an average of 60% in oral reading fluency, vocabulary, letter naming, and phoneme segmentation. 

Students between Summer 2020 & 2021 combined read over 50,000 books while in the 5-week programs.

Over 90% of our families participated and completed the weekly family workshops with their child(ren).

I can see that students in this program are enjoying themselves while learning to read because we are teaching and engaging them in ways that are different from what they are used to during the school year.”

 – Aaron Weaver, A4 Reading Program Teacher

“I had the opportunity to play a part in Seth’s education with his reading and understanding. Not only did he learn, but I learned how to help him. I loved the parent workshops.”
– Margaret Perry, Grandmother​, A4 Summer Reading Program

Our Programs


Summer Reading Program


Afterschool Reading Program

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Career Technical Education (CTE)

Career Technical Education (CTE)

Academic and Technical Skills for College and Career Readiness

Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students with the academic and technical skills, knowledge, and training necessary to succeed in future careers. CTE courses, programs, and training focus on the technical and academic competencies needed to attain and maintain high skill, high-demand, and high wage industry careers.

Fresno Unified is a leader in preparing students for careers and higher education. Students explore – through hands-on learning experiences both at school and industry internships in professional settings – a wide variety of careers and jobs. Students graduate career-ready for entry-level positions, some with industry certifications and licensure.

Real-World Connections Engage Students

Our Impact and Accomplishments

899 business, union, and industry partners are investing in Fresno Unified Career and Technical Education Pathway programs.

Approximately 11,000 students participate in CTE classes.

District wide, we have 120 talented and dedicated CTE teachers. 

Paid and unpaid industry internships are available for qualifying students.

Exposure for students to careers and technical education in grades PK-12.

Appx. 50,000 Work-Based Learning experiences for 9-12 grades.

Over 10 College Credit Earning Career Pathways.

FUSD CTE programs offer over 100 industry-recognized certifications for students ensuring our students are prepared for the future with real-world application.

CTE Student Voice

“I’m still using the skills I learned during my career pathway. My teachers also taught me how to continue building my skills and learning how to apply them elsewhere when needed.”

– Heather W., Patino

“My CTE program changed my life. I had no goals and took the chance to sign up for a construction program and now I’m in the trades union and can support my family.”

– Alex G., Fresno High

“I graduated from the public service academy and now am a paramedic for Fresno FD. Best decision I ever made.”

– Sam P., Hoover High

Industry-Recognized Certifications

Career Pathway students can earn several industry-recognized certifications. Certifications range from medical to construction to digital media and nursing.

Invest in Our Future Workforce

Be a part of the district by joining as a business partner to strengthen the career pipeline of skilled talent and the future leaders of Fresno.

Business partners are needed in all California recognized 14 industry


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Design Science Middle College High School

Design Science Middle College High School

Closing the gap

Opened in 2005, Design Science Middle College High School’s mission is to close the opportunity gap for those most underrepresented in post-secondary education through equitable access to rigorous academics.

Design Science Middle College High School creates a learning community that supports a positive college-going culture for students and their families. The learning environment focuses on elevated academic rigor and the development of self-efficacy. The school blends this cognitive challenge with positive and supportive student-to-teacher connections, which have proven to elicit student engagement in the learning process.

Students are selected through a lottery. There are no minimum qualifications to apply, but students must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 while they are in attendance.

The campus is located in the heart of central Fresno, and is in partnership with – and across the street from– our community college partners, Fresno City College. This unique partnership is vital to changing the narrative of poverty within our community. 

Design Science is part of the Middle College High School initiative sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and supported by the intermediary, Foundation for California Community Colleges. 

The Design Science Middle College High School program is designed to prepare students for the rigor of a four-year university. Our statistics demonstrate our progress.

Our Impact and Accomplishments:

86% of graduating seniors were first generation college students

Over 90% complete English 1A

100% have been admitted to four year universities, including top tier ivy league schools such as Caltech, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, USC and Johns Hopkins.

100% completion of A-G requirements

Average number of college units earned: 55

89% of the 2021 graduates earned an associate’s degree

Our Awards

Title 1 Academic Achievement Award 2009, 2010, 2011, 2017

CA Distinguished School Award 2009, 2013, 2021

CA Pivotal Practices Award 2022*

CA Gold Ribbon School 2017

CA Honor Roll, STEM Designation 2016, 2017,2019,2021

*CA Pivotal Practices Award replaced the CA Distinguished School Award in 2022

“As a mom of three daughters who have or are attending Design Science, I couldn’t be prouder of the work ethic and maturity they have gained through this unique program. Graduating from Design Science Middle College High School with an understanding of the college system that allows them to be prepared for the rigors of higher education and for them to advocate on their own behalf when needed. Each staff member of Design Science takes the time to know each student and their background allowing for the students to feel validated and heard. Graduates leave knowing they have been equipped with the skills to persevere and that they have a place to turn to with any questions or hurdles they may face.”

Misty Cruz

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