African American Academic Acceleration (A4) Summer Math Camp Program

“Children don’t hate math. What they hate is being confused, intimidated, and embarrassed by math.”
—Larry Martinek

It is our mission to provide a positive learning experience in mathematics and robotics coding for every African American student by setting high expectations that foster growth in math achievement, and by building a community that empowers them for a successful future working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Launched in 2021, the A4 Summer Math Camp program is a three-week coding boot camp for current fifth- and sixth-grade students that focuses on math standards for fractions. Students are selected based on being one or more grade levels behind in math programs for African American students. Math Camp also includes a culturally infused curriculum that teaches African American history in STEM to reflect and strengthen students’ personal math identity, experience with math, and perceptions about math in their environments.

Math Camp Features:

  • Low Teacher-to-Student Ratios
  • Culturally Relevant Curriculum
  • Meetings With STEM Experts
  • Weekly Parent Engagement Opportunities
  • Incentives for Students and Families

To date, 144 students have participated in Math Camp across seven school sites: Ayer Elementary, Pyle Elementary, Williams Elementary, King Elementary, Fort Miller Middle School, Tioga Middle School, and Bullard Talent.

Out of the parents surveyed, 93% of them felt their child was positively impacted by participating in Math Camp. Students have been visited by STEM professionals from Pokémon GO, Aeroject Rocketdyne, and STEM Compass, Inc.

Our Impact and Accomplishments—Summers 2021–2023

The vision of the Summer Math Camp program is to provide every African American student with innovative, engaging, hands-on, and rigorous math experiences by empowering them to set high expectations for themselves and learn from their mistakes. Our focus is to build and sustain a growth mindset in all African American students.

  • From 2021–2023, the A4 Math Camp program served 144 students in fifth and sixth grade
  • 76% overall student attendance rate
  • 78% overall student retention rate
  • 51% overall parent workshop attendance
  • 41% increase in students’ overall fraction performance
“The math I’m learning is really fun, and I love coding now. I’m so glad I am in A4’s Math Camp!” —J. Chatman Herrera, student
“My child really enjoyed the Math Camp experience; he has been asking when it starts next year because he is eager and excited to return!” —Robert Green, parent

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