Tim Liles Scholarship

The Tim Liles Scholarship Fund provides employees and community partners with an opportunity to support Sunnyside High School students pursuing college and/or career pathways after high school. Tim Liles supported all students and their efforts to contribute to the world around them, challenging them to make their community a better place. This scholarship rewards those students who work to affect a positive change in their community, through their academic progress, attitudes, and service to others.


2023 Scholarship Winners Alondra Orozco Ochoa, Rachel Acosta Deleon, and Tatyana Pittman with Valerie Liles, wife of Tim Liles

Eligibility Criteria

Be a graduating senior from Sunnyside High School

Have plans to enroll in a community college, four-year college, or other post-secondary option (ex: technical/trade school)

Earn a minimum augmented 2.5 GPA

Application Requirements

Submit the completed Tim Liles Scholarship Application form

Include a high school transcript

Include two letters of recommendation

Submit the application to [email protected] by the deadline of May 4, 2024

The letters of recommendation may be emailed separately from the application

Review Process

A selection committee will evaluate the applications using a scoring rubric that reflects the eligibility criteria.


Three scholarships will be awarded:

The Tim Liles Community Scholarship, which may be used to support a community college education or any other post-secondary option (ex: technical/trade school).

The Tim Liles Fresno State Scholarship which is specific to a student attending Fresno State University.

The Tim Liles Scholarship for a student attending any four-year university.


Applications become available online:
Application deadline:
Recipients are notified:
Scholarships are presented:
March 25, 2024
May 4, 2024, by midnight
The week of May 13, 2024
May 22, 2024 at 6 p.m. at the Wildcat Achievement Awards ceremony at Sunnyside High School