Mentors Matter

Mentors Matter recognizes outstanding educators, teachers, administrators, CSA paraprofessionals, and more.

Celebrating Mentorship: Mentors Matter Giving Campaign

A new initiative is underway to honor the unsung heroes who shape the lives of students and leave an indelible mark on the community. The Mentors Matter giving campaign, led by The Foundation for Fresno Unified Schools, is not just a tribute to mentors, but a rallying call for gratitude and support.

Mentors come in various forms: teachers, staff members, coaches and any dedicated individual within the Fresno Unified family. The Mentors Matter initiative is an opportunity to express appreciation for someone who has been a mentor by donating to The Foundation for Fresno Unified Schools in honor of the mentor. This is a way to recognize those who have made a lasting impact, and also give back to the schools and departments where these mentors have been able to thrive and influence others.

  • After a donor has made their contribution in honor of their mentor, the mentor is recognized with a certificate conveying a heartfelt message.
  • The mentor will designate the school or department to benefit from the donation.
  • With a donation of $100 or more, a mentor is honored with an exclusive Mentors Matter pin—a visible testament to their influence in Fresno Unified.

The Foundation for Fresno Unified School is thrilled to highlight the first three recipients of the Mentors Matter Award.

Principal of Kings Canyon Middle School Landon Ailanjian:

Learning that he was among the first honorees of the Mentors Matter campaign, Ailanjian was thrilled, especially knowing that donations would circle back to benefit his school directly. For the announcement, Ailanjian was cheered on by his office staff and the vice principal. When asked what the recognition meant to him, he simply stated, “Everything.”

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Edith Navarro:

Navarro reflected on being recognized through the Mentors Matter Campaign: “It’s humbling to know that somebody recognized me; that I mentored them or their children, and they noticed. You don’t do the work for people to notice or receive recognition. You do it because it is the right thing.” Navarro’s words resonate with the selfless nature of mentorship, where the joy comes not from the spotlight, but from the positive influence on others.

Rata High School Paraeducator Mercedes Murray:

Murray was shocked and at a loss for words when she was recognized by the Foundation for Fresno Unified School at her campus. Her coworkers, however, were quick to step in, emphasizing the team atmosphere that defines their workplace, and the pivotal role Murray plays at Rata.

Join the Movement

Celebrating these initial outstanding mentors is just the start. The Mentors Matter giving campaign invites everyone to join the movement so that their contributions will not only honor mentors, but also propel district educational initiatives, expand scholarships and support the areas of greatest need at specific schools and identified departments.

Mentors play a pivotal role in education. The Mentors Matter initiative is a beacon, inviting all to express their gratitude and contribute to a movement that amplifies the impact of mentorship in Fresno Unified.

Text MENTORSMATTER to 844-422-6444.

Invest in their Future

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